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Desert Mountain Home Delights

Lovers of color, Mike and Colleen felt delighted when Sesshu Design enhanced their Desert Mountain home’s connection to its North Scottsdale, Arizona, environment. After 15 years of very part-time use of this golf community second home, the couple had decided to make some changes. To start, they decided to split their time evenly between Scottsdale […]

The People’s Bank in Verona: Attention to Detail

The People’s Bank in Verona (known as Banco Popolare di Verona) was designed by architect Carlo Scarpa in the early 1970s. I traveled to Italy for business, as the guest of the luxury window company, Brombal, in late September. One of the incredible locations we visited was this little bank. It’s a contemporary building sandwiched […]

Interior Designer Tanya Shively Blends Green Living, Luxurious Lifestyle

Tanya Shively, ASID, LEED AP, is Arizona’s foremost authority on green design. She is the principal interior designer and founder of Sesshu Design in Scottsdale, Arizona. Her mission – to create innovative, sustainable and timeless designs that improve people’s health and well-being. “I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives by helping them to create […]

The Ultimate Success Secret

The Ultimate Success Secret – by Dan S Kennedy and Tanya Shively Is it possible that there is one single, super-powerful secret of success of far greater importance than all others? This book was written by marketing and business legend and guru, Dan Kennedy, along with other successful business people to share their best success […]

How to Avoid Interior Design Nightmares

How to Avoid Interior Design Nightmares – What You Need to Know Before You Hire and Interior Designer, by Tanya Shively Deciding to hire an interior designer can be a scary thing. Ow do you know if it is even the right decision to make? Are your ready to begin your search, and what do […]

It’s All in the Details

It’s All in the Details by Tanya Shively An inspirational coffee table book filled with beautiful color photographs of interiors created by Sesshu Design Associates, along with tips for a successful design project. Designer Tanya Shively and many of her clients, partners and vendors share their insights and stories to guide and inspire you to […]

Money For Lunch | Blog Talk Radio

Blaine Oelkers , Chuck Trautman on Guerrilla Marketing | Tanya Shively Blaine Oelkers President of the AZMA (Arizona Marketing Association) Chuck Trautman is a US Marine Vietnam Veteran who was honorably discharged at the rank of Sergeant.  After a short stint in corporate America, he realized his true calling was to be an entrepreneur. He’s owned and […]

Featured on Houzz – Create a Casbah on the Terrace

Have you got your outdoor living space ready for summer weather? Whether it’s a tiny porch high above the city, a covered patio, a deck or, lucky you, an expansive backyard, curtains can turn your outdoor room into the perfect summer hangout.
Defining your outdoor space with gorgeous curtains instantly boosts its appeal. So much so that you might want to budget for entertaining expenses, because

Monday Motivation – Great Minds

This quote from one of the wisest women of the last century is more true than ever with the popularity of social media. You can see it in action everyday, on Facebook especially.  I appreciate the people in my life who put the ideas out there for discussion, the ones who make me stop and […]

Monday Motivation- Focus on the Good

With this being the month of Thanksgiving, let’s all extend our gratitude throughout the month, rather than just one day. Focus on the good things you enjoy in your life, and be grateful for what you have. You will find that you are infinitely happier than if you choose to dwell on what is missing […]

Monday Motivation – The Meaning of Life

In honor of Pablo Picasso’s birthday yesterday, we offer this wonderful image and quote. However, it is almost certainly not his. The original author of this is unknown. It has been traced to many other people, including William Shakespeare, but more likely David Viscott originated the adage.  I found this on quoteinvestigator.com: “In 1993 the […]

Alfresco Dining In Any Climate

This week is Garden Week! Celebrate the great outdoors and get inspired with a few of our favorite outdoor dining spaces. A connection to nature is so important for a sense of well-being and overall health. Spending time outdoors, eating healthy food, enjoying the company of family and friends, is the best way to bring […]

Sesshu Design Named Best Interior Designer 2014

We are pleased to announce that we were selected as Best Interior Designer in the Best of Our Valley 2014 from AZ Foothills Magazine. This is such an honor and we feel so blessed to have such support from our fans, clients and friends. Each year AZFoothills.com asks readers what their favorites are, offering thousands of options […]

Sesshu Design Nominated for Best Interior Designer

  We are so honored that Sesshu Design Associates have been nominated for Best of Our Valley 2014. Each year, thousands of nominees duke it out for the top spot in more than 300 Best of Our Valley categories.  Voting runs October 1 through November 30. (One vote per registered e-mail, per category, per day) […]

Elegant and Eco-Friendly Water Fixtures

Luxury and responsibility: Thanks to the expanding line of EPA-approved WaterSense certified fixtures, you can replace your kitchen and bathroom fixtures with water-conserving faucets that still have the elegant style you enjoy. Yes, you can go green without sacrificing your personal style, your convenience or your luxury. Benefits of an eco friendly faucet  A faucet with […]

Fun Home Theater Designs to Inspire Your Room

A home theater can be many things: a sanctuary, a mancave, a gathering place, or just a room to watch your favorite films. Here are some cool designs that can help stir up your creative juices when designing your home theater.FIRST, AVOID: “Deconstructed” Home Theater Some people like to look homeless these days. All they […]

Is Concrete Right For Your Home?

Stained and polished concrete is a gorgeous material that can be used in so many ways and create a unique look for your home- but it isn’t the right choice for everyone.  You may be intrigued by what you’ve seen on television or in design magazines and even on this blog, and you might be […]

Monday Morning Musings- Open a Book

Open a book, and friends fly out.     I saw this on Pinterest, and loved it immediately! First because it is such an obviously piece of cut paper art.  I mean, how do they do stuff like this?  The way the butterflies seem to be literally flying out of the pages. But also because […]

Creative Spaces to Inspire Your Inner Artist

As a creative person who also enjoys quiet alone time, I crave a studio space of my own to really let my inspiration flow.  The perfect place would have art supplies, a comfy chair for reading and writing, and lots of open floor space to stretch out in a relaxing yoga pose.  If it also […]

Sesshu Design Nominated for Best Interior Designer

  Woohoo! We’ve been nominated for Best of Our Valley 2013 as Best Interior Designer from AZ Foothills Magazine.  This is quite an honor and we are super excited.   Each year AZFoothills.com asks readers what their favorites are, offering thousands of options chosen by nominations, editors and focus groups. The contest is answered with […]

Secrets to a More Zen-like Bedroom

Your bedroom is the place you go every night to rest and rejuvenate your body.  The concept of Zen is also about peace, calm, and a meditative state.  When you design your bedroom to incorporate aspects of Zen and a restful place, you create a room that allows you a place to escape to from […]

Homes Designed For Extended Families

These days the family isn’t just the typical mom, dad and two kids.  More and more often a home design needs to encompass the needs of multiple generations living under one roof.  Builder online magazine highlighted three very effective homes that are doing the job quite well.  I’ve chosen to highlight just one, a home in […]

Earthly Accessorizing- Minerals That Add Interest

One of the characteristic trademarks of my interior design is the use of organic, natural and earthy elements that reflect my love of nature.  A favorite way to bring that element into a home is using minerals or fossils as accent pieces – they instantly bring a story, a unique piece that no one else […]

Tips for Creating an Eco-friendly Bathroom

One of my favorite blog sites is Inhabitat.com because of the variety of eco-friendly topics they cover.  Bathroom design is a key factor to consider when going for a sustainable home. This recent post about making your bathroom more eco-friendly is great- it really does cover the top reasons (and ways) to make the most used room […]

Monday Morning Musings – What I Love About My Home

We share our homes with husbands, wives, children, pets, and sometimes extended family.  All of us have our own needs, tastes and desires when it comes to what makes our space feel wonderful and inviting.  A well-designed home, a home that you love, should ideally reflect each of those individuals in a harmonious way.  Sometimes, that […]

Kitchen Design: Work Triangles – Outdated Idea?

The old standard for designing a kitchen that WORKS has always been the kitchen work triangle– the cooktop, sink and refrigerator.  The idea was that you wanted these three work centers to be positioned close enough for efficiency, but not so close that if more than one person was in the kitchen you would have […]

How Designers Translate the Style You Like Into a Room You Love

I was reading the Wall Street Journal and found this great article on how designers and decorators translate an image or style of an existing room into something that reflects more of the current client’s personality.  Great insight into what makes the years of experience and training your designer has so valuable! While the styles shown […]