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It’s All in the Details by Tanya Shively

An inspirational coffee table book filled with beautiful color photographs of interiors created by Sesshu Design Associates, along with tips for a successful design project. Designer Tanya Shively and many of her clients, partners and vendors share their insights and stories to guide and inspire you to create your dream home.

$45.95 plus shipping

How to Avoid Interior Design Nightmares


How to Avoid Interior Design Nightmares – What You Need to Know Before You Hire and Interior Designer, by Tanya Shively

Deciding to hire an interior designer can be a scary thing. Ow do you know if it is even the right decision to make? Are your ready to begin your search, and what do you need to know to make the right choice? This book is your step-by-step guide to finding the perfect designer so that the design relationship you choose will be harmonious and will help you create a beautiful home through a process you enjoy.

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The Ultimate Success Secret


The Ultimate Success Secret – by Dan S Kennedy and Tanya Shively

Is it possible that there is one single, super-powerful secret of success of far greater importance than all others? This book was written by marketing and business legend and guru, Dan Kennedy, along with other successful business people to share their best success secrets to help you grow in your business and your life. With tips on how to create your office to support your success, interior designer Tanya Shively, gives her expertise in planning your work space for your ultimate success.

$19.95 plus shipping