A dated condo was taken from boring, beige and white with a very 80’s finish palette and opened up, with fresh colors, sustainable materials and a comfortable, modern style. This was a complete renovation to kitchen, master bath, guest baths and we procured all new furnishings throughout.


The couple whose primary home is in Edmonton, Canada wanted a simple, clean, modern look that was easy to live in. They needed someone to oversee the project while they were away, and asked for recommendations for builder and sub-contractors.

Our Task

We met with the client only a few times during the course of the project and made selections for all interior finishes, furnishings, and accessories in a very expedited manner as they were headed back to Canada for the summer. We were required to be on site frequently to direct and oversee the construction progress throughout the project. All new finishes, fixtures, and appliances, as well as new furnishings were selected throughout the home.


Scottsdale, Arizona