This traditional style home has elements of French, Mediterranean and Old World that all combine in an eclectic mix that creates a welcoming, not stuffy environment. Traditional furnishings paired with contemporary art and cozy textures invite you to get comfortable in this family room.


“I so enjoyed the experience of working with Tanya Shively. Her knowledge as an Interior Designer made our project go very smoothly. Tanya went out of her way to see that furnishing our home was done in a timely manner and in a way that we could walk in the door and say wow! Not long after our initial project was completed we had water damage in a large part of our home. Tanya helped in so many ways with the renovations, and by that time we were back in North Dakota for the summer, so we had to rely on her to do a lot of extra work.

We can’t thank Tanya enough for all the details she attended to while working as our Interior Designer.”

-Sandy Knoll

Our Task

The clients wanted an elegant home that worked for entertaining family and business associates, but was still comfortable and functional for grandkids. The house was originally built in the mid-90’s and needed a few changes to update and make it feel like theirs. We refreshed and updated the colors, bringing in deep warm tones in fabrics that were durable and beautiful. Art, accessories and plants completed the transformation to an inviting home.


Paradise Valley, Arizona