With Collaboration & Guidance … ‘Headaches are Gone’

Do you wish your home could be more beautiful, more functional and perfectly tailored to suit your lifestyle and taste? Are you feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices involved and the decisions in designing your home’s interiors or don’t have enough time to do it all yourself? Maybe you just want the headaches to be gone. What if you could have the beautiful, gracious home you’ve always wanted and it could also be healthier for your home and the environment?

Step-by-Step Collaboration

It may seem too good to be true, but we can help you make it happen.

With our step-by-step, collaborative design process, we eliminate the headaches and hassles so you can have fun and enjoy the process.

Distinctively Yours

We’ve helped dozens of people find their unique style and create a home that’s distinctively theirs.

I guarantee that when we work together to mutually co-build the perfect solution that fits your needs and tastes, you’ll get the incredible home that you’ve been imagining, or something even better.

You are the Ultimate Decisionmaker

If you are like many people that we work with, you have great taste and you know what you like and don’t like, but just don’t have the time, resources, expertise or skills to pull it all together.

With our collaborative design process, you can be involved as much or as little as you choose to be; either way, you are the ultimate decisionmaker.

You’re in control and I act as your trusted advisor and guide throughout the entire process.

We are Your Liaison

Whether you’re building a new home or remodeling or furnishing an existing one, putting together the right team is the key to getting the results that you want.

As your designer, we act as your liaison with the architect, builder and subcontractors, ensuring that your dreams become a reality without any headaches on your end.

Stunning Home

With our extensive resources, we help you create a unique and stunning home that is a reflection of your taste and lifestyle.

Eco-Friendly Potential

If being eco-friendly is important to you, we can help you prioritize and plan to achieve those goals.

We’re experts in sustainable and green design and can help you save money on your utility bills, respect the planet’s resources, and create a home that’s healthier for your family without sacrificing style, comfort, or convenience.

Two Ways We Can Help

If you’d like to learn more about creating your dream home without the nightmares that happen all too often, ask for our free guide. It’s packed with tips. Just enter your name and email address and we’ll send it out to you right away.

If you already know that you’d like to get started, give me a call at the office and we’ll schedule an appointment at the office to find out what’s possible for you.

Why Should You Hire an Interior Designer?

For the same reason you hire an attorney, an accountant or an architect- as professionals and experts in their field, a professional interior designer will provide the benefit of their training, skills and expertise in advising on the appropriate direction for your home. 

As your interior designer, we will save you time, frustration and hassle.  It is our job to make your life easier, less stressful, more pleasurable, and more beautiful.  Our process is simple and enjoyable.


Interior Designer Arizona Sesshu Design

A qualified interior designer will ensure the design of your home works well for your family, is healthy to live in, and looks beautiful.

At Sesshu Design Associates, we specialize in designing and managing the process of a complete built interior.  You can take advantage of a variety of design services that we offer.  We will take you from the first meetings with your architect and builder, through construction and furnishing, including final delivery and accessorizing with art.

Ready to get started?  Contact Us today to schedule your personal design services consultation.