Why Should You Hire an Interior Designer?

For the same reason you hire an attorney, an accountant or an architect- as professionals and experts in their field, a professional interior designer will provide the benefit of their training, skills and expertise in advising on the appropriate direction for your home. 

As your interior designer, we will save you time, frustration and hassle.  It is our job to make your life easier, less stressful, more pleasurable, and more beautiful.  Our process is simple and enjoyable.


Interior Designer Arizona Sesshu Design

A qualified interior designer will ensure the design of your home works well for your family, is healthy to live in, and looks beautiful.

At Sesshu Design Associates, we specialize in designing and managing the process of a complete built interior.  You can take advantage of a variety of design services that we offer.  We will take you from the first meetings with your architect and builder, through construction and furnishing, including final delivery and accessorizing with art.

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