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3 Interior Decorating Tips for a Productive Home Office

3 Interior Decorating Tips for a Productive Home Office

Your home office is often an overlooked space, but it can benefit from a few thoughtful details. Here are the top three I always include when designing work spaces for my clients.

1. Create a tidy working space

No matter how beautiful your desk, messy piles of paperwork will quickly have you avoiding it at all costs. Keep everything filed away in stylish storage drawers and organizers, or go the extra mile by embracing paperless working.

2. Employ the calming effects of color

Color has a huge effect on atmosphere and mood, so don’t rush through the process of picking out the perfect shade to create a calming office. Blue is the most productive color, but if you’re afraid of overpowering a small room then you can always stick to a neutral with accents of blue for the best of both worlds.

3. Get the lighting right

Mood-boosting natural light is the ideal option, although it isn’t always possible to rely solely on windows. Instead, place ambient lights lower down for a warm glow, and use a table lamp when you need more focus.

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