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3 Ways to Create a Spa Experience in the Master Suite of Your WELL Designed™ Home

3 Ways to Create a Spa Experience in the Master Suite of Your WELL Designed™ Home

A WELL Designed™ home will support you in so many ways. Rather than taking care of your home, the home will take care of you. Imagine a space where you can really relax, after a long day of running a business, working for charity, and taking care of your kids.

My mission is to create spaces like this throughout the home -- most of all, in the master suite. Your bedroom, bathroom, and meditation space can feel like a sanctuary, a retreat. Imagine staying at a high-end luxury hotel, or spa; we want to bring that feeling into your home. Feeling pampered isn’t only meant for special occasions. Here are 3 ways to create a spa experience in the master suite of your WELL Designed™  home:

1. Only the best for your bedroom

The bedroom is a place of rest and rejuvenation. As an interior designer, I consider the materials. Finest luxury linens of silk, organic cotton, and organic bamboo, welcome you to a comfortable space. A soothing color palette is based on your tastes; many palettes soothe the senses, including light or deep blues, greens, and neutrals … which create calm in a place where you can wind down and read a good book, escape the noise from the rest of the household.

In addition to the bed, the rest of the furnishings should feel inviting and soft. This is not necessarily about style; it’s more about how a certain material makes you feel. You’ll probably prefer firm, upright chairs at the dining table, yet a comfortable cushion to lean back on in the bedroom.

2. Spa sanctuary, stress-free bathroom

Another way to create a spa experience in the master suite of your WELL Designed™ home is to bring luxurious elements to the bathroom. I recommend adjustable lighting in both the bedroom and bathroom because dimming the lights prepares your body for a restful sleep.

Special details that you would find in a well-appointed bathroom are specialty soaps, soft fluffy towels, and in the shower: body jets, a soaking tub, steam shower, and massage features. Water is so therapeutic.

Overall, a bathroom design with your wellness in mind is clean, fresh and organized. Everything has a place, at your fingertips, right there, ready for you.

3. Dedicated meditation room or corner

Where you meditate can be an entirely different room, or a dedicated corner in the bedroom. Like the bedroom and bathroom, it’s all about convenience. Ideally, if someone’s taking a shower, you can close the door and ensure a quiet space. The meditation area doesn’t have to be a large space. It could be a combination meditation-yoga room, very minimalist … just a couple mats and cushions, perhaps candles, oils and incense to set the mood. I recommend an altar to display items that are important to you and help you achieve a calm frame of mind. For example, the altar in my meditation space has minerals, rocks and seashells from trips, and a sculpture of a baby horse. I’ve always loved horses, as they represent freedom and spirit. Oriented to the east, the space welcomes morning sun -- a lovely way to start my day. What helps you get into the right frame of mind? Spa Experience and Sense of Responsibility

The master suite is the essence of the WELL Designed™ home because that is your most personal space. It has incredible financial value and enriches your health and wellbeing. When it’s designed mindfully, then it will nurture and rejuvenate. We need to feel productive in other rooms, yet in the bedroom, bathroom and meditation space … it’s critical to your health to take time to rest. Other details to consider throughout the suite are motorized drapery, which you can open and close with a click of a button, and earth friendly materials such as sustainably reclaimed wood. I love guiding clients through a very collaborative process, which adds a level of warmth and wellness to their lives. Being conscious of your needs, and feeling responsible for the environment, means the WELL Designed™ home is meant for you.

You can have the beautiful and luxurious eco-friendly interior you deserve.

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