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Accessorizing Tips to Personalize Interiors

Accessorizing Tips to Personalize Interiors

You can spend thousands of dollars on furnishings and finishes, but until you add that personal touch, your interiors will never look quite complete. Accessorizing with art, travel souvenirs, collections and other personal items is the best way to not only add that finishing touch but to bring distinction and character to interiors.

These types of accessories are what turn a house into a home and reveal your personality and lifestyle, whether it’s your hobbies and interests or even your talents. So what are the best practices for accessorizing and personalizing while still maintaining a sophisticated, luxurious aesthetic? After comparing our own techniques with those of other professional designers, here are our favorite tips for finishing interiors with personal accessories.

  • Create vignettes with various heights and textures
  • Group similar items close together to allow them to make a larger, unified impact
  • Reinforce a color scheme by using multiple accessories of the same color throughout a space
  • Experiment with worldly colors, textures and patterns to add a unique, eclectic element
  • If you are unsure, you can always establish nice symmetry and balance by accessorizing in pairs
  • One large piece of artwork at eye-level can become an incredible focal point and source of color for a space

In the project below, Tanya Shively of Sesshu Design used her client’s collection of art and souvenirs from traveling to add beautiful splashes of color and intriguing focal points throughout the home.

Accessorizing Tips to Personalize Interiors
Accessorizing Tips to Personalize Interiors
Accessorizing Tips to Personalize Interiors

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