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Cozy Up to Home Interior Design This Fall

Cozy Up to Home Interior Design This Fall

Cozy Up to Home Interior Design This Fall

Already noticing the fresh scent of pumpkin spice latte in the air? That’s right, fall has arrived! But don’t worry, this season is about more than just hot drinks and orange vegetables (although, we do appreciate these things too!).

Between the vibrant energy of summer and the shorter days of winter, the fall season has its own unique flair. The trees are shedding, the colors are changing, and the temperature is dropping. This makes fall a perfect time for change!

But what about home interior design during fall? You’ve just gotten used to the open and airy atmosphere of summer—is a home makeover for fall really necessary? 

If you’re a little uncertain about how to prepare your home for fall, here’s how to embrace the new season with small changes to your interior décor.

Here’s how to prepare your home for fall:

Slowing down and finding the perfect candle

Perfect Fall Candle for Home Interiors

Summer is ending, and while it’s been great to be outside, there’s also been a lot of pressure to make use of the brighter days and keep your energy levels high. Now that fall has arrived, it’s time to slow down and cocoon yourself in the safety of your home.

To make the transition between light and dark easier, no fall season home makeover is complete without candles. Adding candles to a home can make it look instantly cozier, especially where living room and bedroom interior designs are concerned!

As well as providing a comforting source of light, fall candles also add to the atmosphere of a room. Light your candles, choose your favorite book, and slow down in the evenings. Your body and mind need it after a busy summer.

Try selecting a fall scent (think spicy, orange, wood) that comes in a cute jar and enjoy the peaceful energy that a candle brings. A candle can help bring your sense of personality into a room, so choose one that says something about you!

Some of our favorite candle brands include:

●      Pecksniff's England

●      NEST New York

●      VOLUSPA (seasonal favorite spiced pumpkin latte is now available!)

●      Diptyque Paris

Bring Nature Indoors This Fall

Bring nature indoors 

Nature during the fall months is very distinct in its ability to remind us that the only thing constant is change. Just look at how quickly the colors are changing outside. In no time, these rich colors will have dissipated into monochrome. 

This is why during fall, color should be celebrated indoors wherever possible! We don’t just mean painting your walls in warmer colors though — there are much simpler solutions to test out first. For example, why not try framing your favorite leaf? Or maybe displaying some nuts in a fruit bowl? 

Some other fall season interior ideas we love include:

  • Drying bouquets of natural flowers (or even pressing them!)
  • Removing your tablecloths to reveal the natural wood of your tables
  • Decorating with fall vegetables such as pumpkins and even apples!
  • Introducing scents that remind you of your favorite outdoor spaces
  • Choosing table decorations and napkins that reflect the colors outside (a Halloween-themed table can be great, but a more generic theme will last the whole season!)

Surround yourself with blankets and soft furnishings

Cozy Up to Home Interior Design This Fall

Fall just isn’t fall without some fuzzy blankets and cushions to settle into for the night. Maybe this year you can even treat yourself to some new blankets and pillows for your living room or bedroom? 

Heavier curtains also work well for bedroom interior design during fall, so think quality soft furnishings that will also get you through winter. 

When it comes to different types of material, we love to play around with plaid, tweed, wool, or even fake fur. No matter what your preferences are, just be sure to pick materials that are soft on your skin and make you want to snuggle up all evening long.

Spice up your accessories

The great thing about getting ready for fall is that it allows you to play around with some new ideas when it comes to home accessories. 

Fall Home Decor Accessories

Fall can feel short and sweet, so why not use this as an excuse to bring out some new kitchen hand towels or wall hangings? During fall, colors such as mustard yellow, bold pink, and dark blue all work great — so mix it up with some color combinations you’ve never tried before! 

Some other home décor ideas for fall that we love include:

  • Getting a new seasonal doormat with a cute fall quote or print
  • Making your own wreath with leaves and branches
  • Using placemats in a natural material to contrast with a vibrant table runner
  • Leaving seasonal coffee table books out for guests
  • Using cinnamon sticks to “spice up” a potpourri bowl

For more inspiration, check out some fall-inspired cookware and place settings at Williams Sonoma or these home décor ideas from House Beautiful.

Remember, fall décor doesn’t have to revolve around fall stereotypes

All of the best interior design ideas for fall combine common fall themes, with elements of your own personality thrown into the mix. This is why it’s important to take some time to look outside at how nature is evolving and connect that feeling to how you want your home to look. 

Fall is a time to reconnect to the rhythm of nature and appreciate a change in pace — and what better place to do that than in your own home?

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You can have the beautiful and luxurious eco-friendly interior you deserve.

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