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Design Trend: Grey Finishes For Interiors

Design Trend: Grey Finishes For Interiors

One of the biggest design trends we have seen over the last couple of years is the color grey. It is being used everywhere- from walls to flooring, in stone, paint, wood finishes and fabric.

Dove grey walls paired with cream and ivory are subtle and elegant
Dove grey walls paired with cream and ivory are subtle and elegant


Grey is popular as “the new black”- it is softer and more friendly, and is a great neutral that works well both paired with other neutrals and bright colors. The grey design trend was first spotted in fashion (as is often the case) and very quickly moved into home decoration and furnishings. The look can be modern or traditional yet updated- it feels fresh and different, much like espresso brown was a few years ago.

For walls, a medium dove to dark tone of charcoal seems to be the direction most designers are going. Paired with white trim and dark wood the effect is elegant and rich. With bright pops of color, the room becomes very stylish and modern, an of-the-moment space.

The orange accents stand out against the grey walls as bold design statements in this kitchen
The orange accents stand out against the grey walls as bold design statements in this kitchen


The grey’s we see most often are rich and warm, and they add a nice layer of drama to a room without being overpowering. When used as a wood finish, a grey wash or cerused oak is a great look for floors, cabinets and furniture. Both the wash and cerusing process brings out the grain in the wood, and when applied to oak it is very dynamic and visually interesting.

Grey in materials and finishes
A grey stain that allows the wood grain to show through enhances the simple modern lines of this night table
Grey finish wood cabinet
The grey tone of the finish on this wood cabinet makes a traditional style a little more updated
Master bath with Carrara marble
This master bath mixed Carrera marble with white glass, recycled art glass in a range of neutrals, and a warm tone wallpaper from Maya Romanoff

Marble is also surging in popularity, especially Carrera marble with its gorgeous grey swirling veining through pure white. It is being used as floors, backsplashes and even kitchen countertops. Marble can be very contemporary or very traditional, depending on the other elements in the room. Some limestones and travertines are also available in a silver to stormy shade that is a nice change from the heavily used creamy beiges that have been popular for many years.

Polished concrete as floors or countertops is a very eco-friendly choice, and the natural beauty of the material is allowed to show in an honest, elemental way. Other man-made solid surface materials such as Caesarstone come in a range of cool shades that are stunning and extremely durable.


The versatility of grey as a neutral background is what is most likely leading to the longevity and popularity of this design trend. We don’t see it ending anytime soon, so if you are tired of beige, tan and off-white as your background color, try out a grey. It can be used even in a transition from a warm color scheme, because grey mixed with cream or camel is a stunning and sophisticated combination. If the idea leaves you feeling excited, yet also a little scared to do it yourself, we offer color consultations as one of our many services.

You can have the beautiful and luxurious eco-friendly interior you deserve.

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