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Difference Between an Interior Designer & a Decorator

Difference Between an Interior Designer & a Decorator

An interior designer is very different from a decorator, although they are often misunderstood to be interchangeable. A decorator is someone who only works with the finishes. This is the person you hire to assist with the selection of paint colors, wall coverings, window treatments, furniture and other furnishings. Typically, decorators are not formally trained or licensed making their services limited to aesthetics.

An interior designer works with finishes as well as structural elements. This is the person you hire to assist with not only the selection of furnishings, but also the selection of flooring, cabinetry and other architectural details. A designer is educated, trained, licensed with the state and often affiliated with a national organization such as ASID or IIDA through prerequisites and a rigorous qualification exam. With the knowledge of buildings codes and other health, welfare and safety issues, a designer can establish the form, function and aesthetics of interiors. An interior designer is qualified to plan, schedule, execute and manage the complete building of interiors.

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