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Expert Design Tips for a Date Night at Home

Expert Design Tips for a Date Night at Home 

Show your home some extra love this February with interior design tips that are perfect for date night

They say “home is where the heart is” — which makes date nights at home even more special! Even though it’s nice to visit a fancy restaurant occasionally, the best dates are usually the ones spent in the comfort of your own home, with the people you love.

But did you know that good design can influence the success of your date night? Think about it, the right setting can make all the difference to the vibe of your date. From decorative candles to the right lighting, your romantic night at home can be elevated with just a few simple touches.

Especially with Valentine’s Day coming up, it’s nice to see what home decorating tips can help you set the right tone for your date night at home.

Wondering where to start? Here’s some design inspiration for a cozy, romantic, and aesthetic Valentine’s night in.

1. Food Decoration Ideas

There are some great restaurants in our home city of Scottsdale, Arizona, but sometimes it’s nice to eat something special at home too. So, instead of dressing up and going out, why not start by dressing up your food? 

Expert Design Tips for a Date Night at Home | Food Decoration Ideas

Plating tips

A romantic dinner is the perfect time to make your favorite dish or try a new recipe. Whatever you’re cooking, try making it look as appealing as possible — just like in a fancy restaurant. 

Craving spaghetti or noodles but feel like you’d need a degree in food styling to serve it aesthetically? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! Try out this technique for plating pasta and there won’t be a noodle out of place.


So, now you have the food covered — what about dishware? Just because we eat with our eyes doesn’t mean you need to buy new plates. In fact, plain, white dishes can work perfectly. Not only do simple white plates allow you to play around with other aspects of your table, they'll also help your food pop!

Finishing touches

Expert Design Tips for a Date Night at Home | Food Decoration Ideas

It’s all in the details, so why not add some additional garnish or herbs to liven up your food right before serving? After that, drizzle your dish with extra dressing and put some herbs on the side of the plate. Voilà! An instantly elevated dish!

BONUS TIP: You can even pick some edible flowers from your backyard and decorate your plate with them …just make sure they are in fact edible flowers or your date night might be cut short!

BONUS TIP: Serving rice but feel like it’s boring? Make your rice look super fancy by simply scooping it into a small bowl or cup, and press it all together before turning the bowl directly on the plate. This way, your rice will have that nice round shape like in restaurants. 

2. Dining Table Decor Ideas

You don’t need fancy new decorations to make a pretty table. 

Inject some spring color

Expert Design Tips for a Date Night at Home | Inject Spring Color

Since it’s springtime and we don’t get too many occasions to enjoy it these days, let’s bring in those spring colors wherever possible.

For 2023, there’s some interesting trends emerging in terms of color. With bold colors a popular choice this year, injecting a splash of spring color into your date night table is right on trend!

For example, the Pantone Color Institute has just named Viva Magenta as its “official color of the year” for 2023 — providing the perfect excuse for your date night dining table to make a statement. 

But, if you'd rather play it safe, reds and oranges are also on trend this year, and they both make a perfectly fitting choice for your Valentine’s themed table decoration.

Be natural

Fresh flowers are something we all love about spring. But trust us, you don’t need to buy an expensive centerpiece or a big bouquet to enhance your table setting. With a little imagination and some creativity, your dining table decor ideas can deliver something truly memorable.

For example, before throwing away any bottles or containers, ask yourself if you could repurpose these items in any way. From unique vases to something that holds mints, everyday household items can add character to your table — while also being affordable and eco-friendly.

Expert Design Tips for a Date Night at Home

Or how about taking organic table decoration to the next level? On your next walk in the woods or in the park, check to see if there are branches or leaves that you find pretty. If so, try arranging them to make a centerpiece that gets people talking.

Expert Design Tips for a Date Night at Home

Decorate with mini cacti

Worried you’ll feel prickly about your date? Sometimes, the best way to face a fear is head-on… which is lucky, because in Scottsdale — we have an abundance of cacti. See what we did there? *sorry*

In all seriousness, cacti really can help make a unique, memorable tablescape. From using them to hold up place cards to theming your table around “desert vibes,” however you incorporate cacti into your date night at home, your efforts definitely won’t go unnoticed!

BONUS TIP: Mini cacti also work extremely well as party favors. So, if you want to give your date something to remember you by, a mini cactus can be the perfect gift!

Use placemats & napkins

If there’s ever a time to get the placemats out, it’s for a date night at home. A good placemat is wide enough to hold the plate, silverware and napkin — instantly elevating the aesthetic of your dining table. But, if you really want to make an effort, try using placemats made from natural fibers that will help add a relaxed feel to your dining table decor. 

We suggest:

  • Cotton
  • Hemp
  • Linen
  • Rattan
Expert Design Tips for a Date Night at Home

Be sure to also get washable cotton napkins instead of paper ones. Not only will they look better, they’re also more eco-friendly. 

BONUS TIP: If you want to go one step further on the sustainability front, see if you can find any loose branches in your yard and repurpose them as a cute napkin ring. Natural and very beautiful!

Use candle decoration

Something about candles just makes the place look instantly cozier, right? This is why with the right approach, you can decorate a room to instantly feel like a different space.

Feel free to use different sizes of candles to make it more visually appealing, with scented candles also providing an opportunity to showcase an element of your personality.

NOTE: Just be sure to check that your date doesn’t have any kind of fragrance sensitivity — some scented candles can be overpowering to certain people!

Expert Design Tips for a Date Night at Home

3. Have a “date night at home outfit” on standby

Now that you’ve put some love into your surroundings, it’s time to focus on yourself. The clothes you wear can have a huge influence on your mood and how you feel. Even though you’re at home, there’s no reason you can’t dress up and celebrate the joy of being in your own space and treating yourself to some self-love.

Consider this night special and of course, dress accordingly.

Live with roommates or family?

Spreading some love around your home shouldn’t just be for significant others. If you have friends or family that live with you, why not encourage them to get involved by hosting a special dinner and getting everyone to dress up?

Take time to prepare yourself for dinner and arrive at the table with the intention of spending quality time with your loved ones. No phones, no distractions. Pretend this is a special event and treat it the same way you would a visit to your favorite restaurant.

Canceled plans?

Expert Design Tips for a Date Night at Home

Even if your date night doesn’t go ahead, you can still make the night special. How often do you treat yourself to a nice dinner by yourself? Wear your favorite outfit, enjoy each bite mindfully and be fully present. You will immediately feel the effects on your body, ending the night feeling more content.

Consider your date night at home a great rehearsal for your next dinner party and enjoy this special moment. 

Have a wonderful date night! 

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