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Hiring a Green Design Interior Designer - 5 Questions to Ask

Hiring a Green Design Interior Designer - 5 Questions to Ask

Any interior designer can call themselves an eco-friendly or green interior designer. Yet if you are really committed to making smart, sustainable home renovations, ask these 5 questions to make sure that you've investing in a green design professional who really understands the issues.

1. What green certifications do you have?

From being a LEED-certified green interior designer to having a sustainable design certificate, there are many credentials out there that an eco-friendly interior designer can pursue. A designer who has, or is obtaining, green certification demonstrates commitment to sustainability. That's a person you want to hire.

2. What is your background?

It is important to ask about the full background of any interior designer, not just their green experience. Be sure to ask about the education, work experience, and professional affiliations of a designer to get insight into what the designer does, who they are, and if they are a good candidate to meet the vision you have for your home improvements.

3. Can you show me example projects that you've done?

Some interior designers specialize in historic house remodels, while others focus on commercial spaces or modern structures. Ask to see a design portfolio that shows high-quality images of similar projects. Viewing these images can give you better insight into the design aesthetic of the interior designer, and instill confidence in the working relationship.

4. What materials do you recommend?

Any green interior designer should be able to speak clearly about different materials, articulate what makes them sustainable, and tell you what they might replace in your home. If a designer can speak knowledgeable about everything from low-VOC paints to sustainably-farmed wood furniture, you can trust them to make good recommendations.

5. Can you work with my budget?

Finally, it is critical to make sure that any interior designer can work with your budget or implement the project in phases as your budget allows. Before you formalize a working relationship, ask a designer if they can work with you (and your project's budget) to create a sustainable and elegant solution.

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