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Homebuilders Look to Create More High-Performance Homes for People

Homebuilders Look to Create More High-Performance Homes for People

As an advocate of creating homes for people that are healthy, energy efficient and sustainable, I read this article from Builder Magazine with great interest.  The house needs to be considered as a whole, and not just designed with green features as an afterthought. Using a holistic approach that includes the interiors as well as the construction, siting and landscaping is the only way forward in this changing climate.

Getting Sustainable Construction Down to a Science

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More than ever, homebuilders are looking for innovative ways to meet the growing demand for more sustainable, energy efficient homes. As homebuyers’ desires for “greener” solutions continue to grow, merely building to code is no longer sufficient. Today’s progressive builders are looking beyond code to create true high-performance structures for their homebuyers—along the way, building real opportunity for their businesses.

Employing a holistic, strategic approach to construction that leverages the tenets of applied building science can result in a home that operates at a 50% higher efficiency than standard construction methods. Incorporating renewable energy technologies, like a photovoltaic system, another 30% of the energy used in the home can be offset. The final 20% of energy savings should come from smart use and occupant behavior that can be realized by educating homeowners on simple, every-day READ MORE...

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