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Illuminating Your Dream Home with Help from an Expert Lighting Designer

Illuminating Your Dream Home with Help from an Expert Lighting Designer

“Let there be light” is a divine phrase, but very relevant in the realm of interior design. Light is more than the illumination of your dream home. It’s a way to transform space, moods, and functionality. In a conversation with Robert Singer, a seasoned lighting expert, he shared his belief that the right custom home lighting can elevate a room from mundane to mesmerizing.

Illuminate your dream home with an expert lighting designer

The beauty and comfort of your dream home's design are accentuated through expert lighting.

Robert's journey began by lighting up stages for rock and roll bands. Theatrical lighting, filled with drama and intensity, shaped his early career. Living in New York - the city that never sleeps - in 1981, gave him many opportunities for lighting in hospitality spaces, including nightclubs, restaurants and hotels. In the 90s, Robert shifted the majority of his work to residential projects. 

As the industry evolved, so did Robert, and today he's one of the very few with the prestigious IA LD (International Association of Lighting Designers) credential.

Illumination is more than just fixtures

You may think adding more light to a room provides better light. In reality, lighting is also about balance, layering and focus. As Robert points out, basic lighting designs often limit lighting to circles and squares drawn on a reflected ceiling plan. Such designs overlook the complexities of architectural details, interior floor plan, materials, and finishes that make your rooms unique.

Illuminate your dream home with an expert lighting designer

There are 4 crucial parts to layering the light for your custom home. General architectural lighting is your basic layer, providing a canvas upon which other lights will play. There’s task lighting, which are specific, focused lights perfect for reading, cooking, or other activities requiring clearer visibility. Decorative pendants, wall sconces, and chandeliers.  Aesthetic mood lighting is the magic that sets a room's tone with slot details, art and accents that can be programmed for any mood.

Robert’s approach to lighting creates perceived brightness with indirect lighting details and pools of light where walls, furniture and surfaces are lit. This ensures that the bar in your living room isn’t in the dark, and ensures you have adequate illumination that glows and makes you feel comfortable. The architecture of your home should be treated as a sculpture, becoming more exceptional through the magic of concealed lighting rather than designing a home with downlights throughout. 

You feel complete well-being in a well-lit space, avoiding the shadows that dim your divine light and put children on edge for fear of monsters hiding in the darkness.

Let your true colors shine through

Expert lighting design doesn't stop at the placement of lights in your custom home. The quality and type of light are equally paramount. Use only high-quality LED fixtures that offer tunable whites, allowing you to adjust the color temperature of light. The true rendition of colors (CRI) can dramatically affect our perception of spaces, materials and even art. Something you thought looked good in one light, does not look good at all in another light. Take the opportunity to illuminate the lovely items that are dear to your heart. 

Dining Room Custom Lighting Design

A spectrum of light colors creates effects, from a soothing space to a more energized feeling.

Beyond the color and intensity, you might want to control the brightness in the dining room over dinner. Dim the lights, but not to the point that your guests or the furniture look orange. And in your bathroom, layers of light ensure you look your best. Properly focused lights along with vanity light from sconces or integral mirror lighting can eliminate unsightly shadows, ensuring you look great.

Add interest to your space with focused, art-specific lighting, or create intrigue in a wall by highlighting the material or texture. Lighting can be used to call attention to architectural details like a floating feeling with cove lighting. This will still provide the lighting that you need for the space, but in a more unique way.

A recommended lighting plan prompts discussions about details you might not have considered, from your reading habits to the type of art you collect.

Collaboration between the architect, interior designer and lighting designer

As a lighting designer, Robert provides a lighting plan, details, architectural fixture schedule and control specification. Your interior designer then guides you in choosing the fixtures based on the style and aesthetics of your home. The ceilings, interesting details and floating shelves, designed by the architect, are highlighted by the lighting designer’s plan.  

The lighting designer verifies the number of fixtures to ensure the space has appropriate lighting. They provide extra checks and balances, and ensure no detail is missed, including the ability to control the lighting system to dim the lights as needed. 

Illuminate your dream home with an expert lighting designer

Collaboration extends to the illumination of the exterior of your home. Consider lighting steps for safety, especially in hilly areas where your house might be nestled into the mountainside.

Select a lighting system for your custom home

Lutron has an easy-to-use, excellent lighting control system that you, as a homeowner, can adjust without calling in experts. One of the benefits of lighting control, especially in a larger home, is your ability to turn off all the lights with a single switch. You won’t have to get out of bed to check if your kids left the light on in the living room. The master control pad in the bedroom and other key locations in your home can control the entire system. 

One of the favorite features is the “all-on,” so if you hear a noise at night, you can press the all-on button and turn on every light in the house. Or you can place a keypad by the garage door and use the “all-off” feature to turn off all the lights when you leave. The keypad eliminates having a bank of switches to turn lights on and off.

Electronic window treatments, ceiling fans and AV systems can all be programmed using the same control system.

Illuminate your dream home with an expert lighting designer

Illuminate your dream home with an expert lighting designer

Lighting isn't just about visibility; it's about vision. Envision spaces that not only look good but feel right. Experts like Robert Singer & Associates can transform your custom home to transcend the ordinary. Hiring a lighting consultant can make spaces more comfortable, functional, and visually appealing. 

Consider not just the interior design with the color of your walls or the type of furniture, but also how your home can be illuminated. If you are ready to design your dream home to align with your lifestyle, contact us at 480-275-2968.

You can have the beautiful and luxurious eco-friendly interior you deserve.

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