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Kitchen Design: Work Triangles - Outdated Idea?

Kitchen Design: Work Triangles - Outdated Idea?

The old standard for designing a kitchen that WORKS has always been the kitchen work triangle- the cooktop, sink and refrigerator. The idea was that you wanted these three work centers to be positioned close enough for efficiency, but not so close that if more than one person was in the kitchen you would have a traffic jam. This recent blog by one of my favorite appliance suppliers here in Scottsdale turns that adage on its head, based on the latest options now available in refrigerators.

A Design Idea for Refrigerators

Posted on September 1, 2012 by appliance guru

Kitchen Design - Work Triangles

Forget the work triangle. Point of use refrigerators change everything. There are some new opportunities for creativity in appliance placement. Major appliances fall into three general categories: cooking, cleaning, and cooling. In cooling, we've seen a lot of changes in the past few years with the advent of refrigerator columns, refrigerator and freezer drawers, and a variety of wine units.

Sub Zero Drawers

More than just new appliances, these new products give designers and consumers an opportunity to re-think where and how these appliances can be used. The traditional work triangle imagines A refrigerator, A sink, and A cooking area. However, we're now seeing how these areas can be broken up. Think of a “main” refrigerator unit perhaps a column in a central location, and a freezer drawer unit in a nearby pantry or storage area. Next to the sink is a refrigerator drawer unit, and a wine cellar displays a collection of fine wines in the adjacent den/library.

wine beverage unit

Appliance location can be configured around usage rather than have usage being determined by appliance location. Consult your design professional or visit the appliance experts at Arizona Wholesale Supply Company.

Designing a Kitchen that Works

Or course there is a much, much more that must be considered when designing your kitchen, and the constraints put on it by the space you are working within can be challenging.  A professional interior designer who is skilled at kitchen design can guide you through the many decisions that must be made.

You can have the beautiful and luxurious eco-friendly interior you deserve.

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