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Professional Organizers Share a Favorite Trick

Professional Organizers Share a Favorite Trick

With the holiday season over and your ornaments and Christmas décor safely stored for another year, now is a great time to revisit how you keep your house organized. After all, a new year can mean new perspectives, so there really is no better time to explore home organization and storage for your home.

That said, there’s a lot more to home organization than you might think. While you may be inspired by the minimalist movement and Marie Kondo’s concept of “if it doesn’t spark joy, it has to go”, these concepts aren’t always easy to apply!

Especially true for families, sometimes kids don’t have the greatest compassion for your love of picture-perfect designs and organization solutions. But, there is a way to make your home livable, while also keeping your house organized.

The best part? Your blankets, magazines, and even the kids’ toys can all stay put! It’s just a matter of choosing your organization solutions more wisely.

The perfect organization solution for every home

Tired of having to constantly fold blankets, stack magazines, or find somewhere to quickly store children’s toys? Us too! The trouble is, a house without these items can begin to feel like a showhouse or the type of home that just isn’t livable for the average family. 

So, instead of feeling like you’re letting your living room or home get more cluttered every day, we’ve got a solution for you. 


New Year Home Organization Ideas  | Sesshu Design Associates

Not only are baskets useful, they can also add flair and décor to your home. As well as this, baskets come in a range of sizes and styles, allowing you to find the best fit for the items you’re struggling to find a place for in your home.

With the right approach, baskets can make the perfect storage solution for every room. From living room storage to bathroom or laundry room storage, there really is no limit to what rooms baskets can be used in.

This is why baskets are a great place to start when it comes to new year interior design and tips for organizing your home.

What type of baskets are best for room organizing?

Baskets made of natural materials are a must this year and will give a cozy feel to your home. Especially in Arizona, natural materials tend to fit well with the type of homes we help design. With materials such as wicker, seagrass, linen proving more popular than ever, there’s no shortage of design options to match your taste.

When it comes to optimizing your space, it’s also possible to mix and match different shapes and sizes of baskets. It’s even possible to make an interior design feature out of your basket storage with different fabrics, colors, and shapes adding a new dynamic to how you keep your home organized.

There really is so much choice when it comes to basket storage. Some of our favorites include:

  • Williams Sonoma has everything from multi-purpose nesting storage baskets to kitchen pantry baskets
  • West Elm also has utility basket solutions available in a range of finishes
  • World Market offers budget-friendly options that don’t skimp on style

Using baskets to organize your house

So, you’ve settled on the fact that baskets are a great addition to your home — but how exactly can baskets be used to keep your home organized? Our advice? Have fun with it! 

Baskets can be used for storing pretty much anything, making room organizing so much easier when you have them in place. 

To get you started on the right track, it’s always a good idea to decide what everyday items in your home currently don’t match the interior design aesthetic you’re going for. For example, are there items constantly lying around that you might consider an eyesore? Perfect! These items can all go in baskets.

After that, we advise visiting a local homeware store to get a feel for the type of baskets available. Bring pictures of your home if possible and really start thinking about things like living room storage, bathroom organization, and even kitchen storage. With some strategic basket placement, you can transform the entire look of a room!

Some of our favorite uses for baskets as an interior design and organization solution include:

  • Keeping clothes organized and making clothing items more accessible with baskets that can be pulled out easily
  • Storing miscellaneous items such as nail files and hand creams on the lower part of a coffee table or on bedside tables
  • Making bookshelves tidier (this is a great opportunity to mix things up with alternating shapes, sizes, and placement!)
  • Storing food items such as bread, fruits, and eggs for that country kitchen feel
  • Displaying essential oils and candles together in a bathroom or living room
  • Potting flowers or trees (just make sure you’re aware of the need for an interior pot and drainage!)
  • Making bedside books and electronic items appear tidier
  • Storing office supplies to balance out the harsh look of filing cabinets or chunky desks
  • Storing toys and accessories belonging to pets

Tip: Another one of our favorite tips for organizing your home includes placing small baskets on the wall to hold items such as razors or cosmetics. This ensures your items are still accessible but look more aesthetic than if they were placed on metal stands or shelves.

A practical approach to organization solutions

What we love about interior design is that it’s possible to use simple tricks to make life easier, while also matching your personal taste! Where baskets are concerned, this particular interior design tip is also cost-effective with basket designs to suit every budget. 

Baskets are useful in nearly every room of your home. All you need to do is figure out some problem areas in your home and decide which type of basket storage is best for you. While some people will reach for square baskets that can be slotted into shelving, others prefer irregular shapes that can remain in full view as a design feature.

New Year Home Organization Ideas  | Sesshu Design Associates

Some other practical uses of baskets as organization solutions include:

  • Keeping them in your home’s entryway or mudroom to collect shoes, umbrellas, and more
  • Setting them up in your laundry room to keep detergent, fabric softener, and other products within reach
  • Storing toys and books in your child’s playroom to teach your little ones about cleaning and organization

Pro tip: You can even add small labels to your baskets to identify their contents. From pantry items to lego pieces, everything can have its place in a basket!

Sesshu Design Associates can help you get organized

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