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Sesshu Project: Creating an Inviting Home Design in Paradise Valley

Sesshu Project: Creating an Inviting Home Design in Paradise Valley

The new owners of an existing home in Paradise Valley, Arizona came to us here at Sesshu Design to remodel their home's interior. Their goals were to establish a comfortable home for their family as well as an inviting space for entertaining friends and business associates. The clients wanted to utilize as much of the existing surfaces as possible.

We started by repainting the interiors using a low-VOC paint in a warm, rich palette of autumn colors. We installed all new wool carpet for beauty, durability and a feeling of luxury. Wool is also an environmentally sustainable, which was an added benefit. We decided to keep the original flooring and lighting carefully combining it with new furnishings to create a cohesive look.

The new furnishings that we chose reflect a traditional yet updated style that complements the home's architecture and the client's appreciation for contemporary art. We also added new window coverings to soften certain spaces as well as provide privacy and sunlight control for energy efficiency purposes.

The finished product was stunning. The home is now both livable and perfect for entertaining while expressing the personal style of the clients.

The Dining Room

Luxury Home Remodel - Dining Room | Sesshu Design

The Family Room

Luxury Home Remodel - Family Room | Sesshu Design

The Living Room

Luxury Home Remodel - Living Room | Sesshu Design

The Master Bedroom

Luxury Home Remodel - Master Room | Sesshu Design

The Office

Luxury Home Remodel - Home Office | Sesshu Design
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