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Spring Closet Cleaning Tips from Professional Organizers

Spring Closet Cleaning Tips from Professional Organizers

Let the beautiful spring weather inspire you to lighten and brighten your home interiors. Open up the windows, treat yourself to a vase of fresh flowers, turn on your favorite tunes and set out to tackle those closets. Whether it is your home office, pantry or bedroom walk-in closet, cleaning and organizing these spaces can feel like a daunting task. So we thought we'd make it a bit easier with some fantastic tips straight from professional organizers that we found in a recent article in Refinery 29.

  • Be realistic when it comes to getting rid of old or unused items. If there is a layer of dust on it, you most likely don't need to be holding on to it. Be sure to donate or recycle old clothes and items that are still in decent condition.
  • Keep visible storage to a minimum and make more space in closets by storing items in containers and file organizers with lids that you can stack neatly. Attach a label or photo of the item on the outside of the box or opt for clear containers. If you have to resort to visible storage, use a decorative box or container from the Container Store or Crate and Barrel.
  • Upgrade to new hangers that will help you stay more organized. Try arranging clothes with divider tabs that label sections and consider helpful organizing tools like belt hangers.

As these experts say in the article, start with the most difficult closet or area of the closet first, so the rest will feel like a breeze.

Source: Stonebreaker Builders & Remodelers via Houzz
Source: The Container Store  via Houzz

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