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The Many Facades of Western Interior Design

The Many Facades of Western Interior Design

When some people think of 'Western' interior design, cowhide, leather and tan color schemes may come to mind. While cowboy motifs with fabrics that evoke life on the ranch or Native American patterns are common themes, western design can mean different things to different people.

One common focus of western interior design is comfort, comfort, comfort.

Western design can have a rustic, cabin feel with hand-hewn and hand-crafted furnishings, logs, natural stone and casual textures and fabrics. It can incorporate elements of nature as in the Colorado home that Tanya Shively of Sesshu Design Associates completed with an autumn inspired color palette and an Aspen leaf motif, which was incorporated in the iron work and the bronze deco tile kitchen backsplash.

It can even be more formal with carved details, tooled leather and iron scrollwork inspired by the Victorian Era.

Source: James Ray Spahn | Colorado Homes & Lifestyle

But what is especially popular right now in western design is a more clean, modern aesthetic that employs wood, iron, steel leather and natural colors. This more modern western style is simple, casual and comfortable while still sophisticated.

Source: Audrey Hall | Mountain Living
Source: Ward + Blake Architects
Source: Carney Logan Burke Architects

You can even create a western-chic vibe by creating a focal point with a black and white photo, adding layered vintage textiles in mismatched prints, and invest in a cowhide rug. If western design is your jam, schedule a design review and let's discuss all your options to create the perfect western design for your home!

You can have the beautiful and luxurious eco-friendly interior you deserve.

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