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WELL Designed Home Planning Guide

WELL Designed Home Planning Guide

If you are planning to build a new custom home and want to be sure it is healthy for you and your family, then you MUST plan it right from the very beginning.

Knowing who to call, where to start, and what your first steps should be is the absolute key to getting the outcome you desire.

In our quest to help people create gorgeous, healthy, WELL Designed homes, we have created a free guide specifically to answer those questions for you. “The First Steps to Planning Your WELL Designed™ Home,” will facilitate the process of designing and building your new home in a way that is enjoyable and rewarding.

Sesshu Design Associates specialize in creating sustainable homes for wellness minded people who don’t want to sacrifice luxury, style, or convenience. It all starts with having the right plan before you start. 

Before you build, get the answers you need in our new, totally free, homeowner’s guide.

Download your copy.

You can have the beautiful and luxurious eco-friendly interior you deserve.

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