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You Can Have It All with Our Eco-Luxury Design Experience

You Can Have It All with Our Eco-Luxury Design Experience

Our process is called the Eco-Luxury Design Experience because we evaluate how sustainability and energy efficiency factor into wellness, while creating a luxurious, convenient and beautiful environment. In one of our WELL Designed Homes™ you can have both — sustainability and style.

Art takes center stage in this home office and dictates the color scheme

Many of my clients say: “You made it so easy.” An effortless experience when remodeling or building an entirely new home is possible through our established process. Here’s what to expect:

1. 20-Minute Phone Call

To learn about the client’s vision, we speak on the phone for about 20 minutes. During this time, I ask about their challenges and what kind of help they are looking for. Whether they’ve done a project of this scale is good to know. If it’s a new experience, then we can take time to walk you through the process in greater detail.
“Tell me what you like about your current home,” is another way to steer the conversation. Next: “What do you want to change? And why?” Why is important.

2. Design Discovery Review

We explore your ‘Why.” Perhaps the current space isn’t fitting your lifestyle, or the aesthetic feels dated and needs a refresher. Or, if building a new home, we’re presented with an opportunity to design a completely fresh start to reflect your taste and personality. The Design Discovery is an exciting time to explore possibilities, to discuss what brings you joy and how you can feel it every time you walk in the front door. So at this point, we visit the home or site to get the scope (size and budget) and survey the existing or desired furniture. The client receives a design proposal and letter of agreement, which outlines next steps and a deeper questionnaire to understand lifestyle and taste. We encourage the client to gather images and begin to research materials, finishes and fixtures.

3. Meet the Team

We introduce the client to everyone on the team, the architect, builder, and other professionals who will bring their vision to life. Cabinetry design and special ceiling moldings can be discussed at this time. As we move onto the furniture research phase, opportunities present to make those decisions based on interior finishes the contractors have begun to install. That’s the great thing about having a designer involved, is creating a big picture and having each phase flow into the next.

We work closely with your builder and architect to create your WELL Designed home.

4. Guide Research

Carefully selected and placed contemporary furnishings compliment the finishes in this Desert Mountain home

Continuing the collaboration, we go out, client and designer, to research specifics — furniture, fixtures, fabrics that you love. Especially furnishings, it’s important that the client sit on the upholstery and decide if it reaches their desired level of comfort. For some larger projects, I’ll even take clients to design markets/showrooms in San Francisco and Los Angeles where, for two days, we shop for just about everything that catches their eye (and fits their budget). Special markets like these showcase an amazing variety of tables, dining chairs, sofas, tables, and more. Once all orders are placed, our team is following up, tracking, organizing shipping and in charge of the delivery and installation.

5. Answer Additional Questions

As construction is underway, I return to the site to answer any questions the builder has. While furniture is on order, we’ll be thinking about things like window coverings and getting all of the details in the interior finalized. Then we coordinate it such as that when the construction is finished, we’re ready for the furnishings.

6. White Glove Delivery

When all the pieces get delivered, I’m there setting everything in place, fluffing the pillows, hanging the art, and placing the accessories. Then we have the big reveal! We walk through the spaces with the client and get their feedback, how thrilled they are and if anything needs to be adjusted or added, we make that happen soon. At the very end, we like to do another walkthrough and just make sure you’re 100% happy with your new home.

The Eco-Luxe Design Experience is a carefully orchestrated process that ensures our clients get the WELL Designed home of their dreams- without the stress or overwhelm typical in so many home projects.

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You can have the beautiful and luxurious eco-friendly interior you deserve.

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